Portable Soft Comfortable Sleeping Aid Cover Eye Patch - 3D Design Eye Mask for Travel Rest Stripes Blindfold

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Portable Soft Comfortable Sleeping Aid Cover Eye Patch - 3D Design Eye Mask for Travel Rest Stripes Blindfold

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The Sleeping Goggles 3D Design Eye Mask is the ultimate solution for those seeking uninterrupted sleep during travel or rest. This eye mask is designed with a comfortable and soft 3D shape, allowing for a perfect fit and complete coverage. With its striped design and blindfold feature, you can confidently block out any unwanted light and distractions.

Made with high-quality polyester material, this sleeping aid covers your eyes with its innovative eye cover work mode. This feature ensures that your eyes are completely protected and shielded from any light or external stimuli that might disrupt your sleep.

The MERALL Sleeping Goggles are equipped with a model number SA0045, making it easy to identify and distinguish from other eye masks on the market. This eye mask falls under the category of sleep & snoring products, specifically designed to provide the best sleep experience possible.

With a pressure range of 4-25 cmH2O, this eye mask offers versatility and adjustability to cater to your personal comfort levels. Whether you prefer a tighter fit or a looser one, this eye mask can be tailored to your specific needs.

Aside from its primary function as an eye mask for sleep, it can also be used as a bandage on the eyes for sleep, making it a multi-purpose sleeping aid. Its sleeping mask and sleep eye mask sleeping features make it suitable for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their sleep needs.

Lightweight and portable, this eye mask is perfect for both travel and everyday use. Its compact size allows you to easily slip it into your bag, ensuring that you have a reliable sleep aid wherever you go.

Experience the ultimate comfort and uninterrupted rest with the MERALL Sleeping Goggles 3D Design Eye Mask. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to rejuvenating and revitalizing sleep with this soft and comfortable eye patch.

Product Detail

Brand Name MERALL
Type Eyeshade
Eyeshade Type 3D Eyeshade
Material Polyester
Work Mode Eye Cover
Model Number SA0045
Item Type Sleep & Snoring
Pressure Range 4-25 cmH2O
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sleeping mask mask for sleep on eyes
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