MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver - Face Care - Washable - USB Cable Rechargeable - Triple Blade - 3D Razors - Electric Shaving - Beard Machine


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MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver - Face Care - Washable - USB Cable Rechargeable - Triple Blade - 3D Razors - Electric Shaving - Beard Machine

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The MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver is a state-of-the-art face care product that offers a superior shaving experience. Designed specifically for men, this shaver features triple blades which provide a clean and close shave every time. With its rechargeable power type, you can use this shaver cordlessly for added convenience.

One of the standout features of this electric shaver is its washable design. You can easily clean the shaver by rinsing it under water. This ensures a hygienic and fresh shave each time. The ABS and stainless steel material used to construct this shaver ensures durability and longevity.

The MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver also comes with a built-in trimming device. This allows you to groom and shape your beard effortlessly, giving you the perfect look. Whether you prefer a clean-shaven face or a well-maintained beard, this shaver has got you covered.

The charging time for this shaver is only 1 hour, allowing for quick and efficient charging. Once fully charged, it offers an impressive usage time of 85 minutes. This means you can use it multiple times before needing to recharge.

With its whole body washing mode, maintaining the cleanliness of this shaver is hassle-free. You can easily wash and clean the entire shaver without any difficulties. This feature adds to the overall convenience and usability of the product.

The MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver was introduced to the market in 2017, showcasing its modern and updated design. It is classified as an electric shaver and operates using a global universal voltage of 100-240V. The model number of this shaver is RMS8101-USB.

This electric shaver is primarily designed for use on the face, giving you a comfortable and efficient shaving experience. Its compact size of 190*95*90mm makes it portable and convenient for travel.

In terms of usage time, the MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver goes above and beyond expectations. With a usage time of more than 120 minutes, you can rely on this shaver for an extended period without the need for recharging.

Overall, the MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver is a high-performance and reliable choice for men who value a clean and precise shave. With its triple blade system, washable design, and long usage time, this shaver is a must-have grooming product. Upgrade your shaving routine with the MAX-T RMS8101 Electric Shaver.

Product Detail

Brand Name MAX-T
Power Type Rechargeable
Gender Male
Feature Triple Blade
With trimming device Yes
Material ABS&Stainless steel
Charging Time 1h
Usage Time 85Mins
Washing Mode Whole body washing
Time to market 2017
Item Type Electric Shaver
Voltage Global Universal(100-240V)
Model Number RMS8101-USB
Use Face
Size 190*95*90mm
Usage time More than 120 Minutes

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