61 Keys Digital Music Electronic Keyboard Electric Piano Children Gift EU/US Plug Electronic Organ


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61 Keys Digital Music Electronic Keyboard Electric Piano Children Gift EU/US Plug Electronic Organ

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The 61 Keys Digital Music Electronic Keyboard is a versatile and fun toy piano that is perfect for children aged 2-6 years old. With its compact size of 54.5x17.5x5.5cm, it can easily be placed on a table or the floor for your little one to play.

This keyboard features a EU/US plug, making it suitable for different power outlets. It is a multifunctional toy piano that offers a variety of melodies and rhythms for your child to explore.

One of its key features is its music intelligence toy function, which helps develop your child's musical abilities and creativity. Whether your child is a beginner or already has some musical experience, this keyboard is designed to enhance their skills and provide hours of entertainment.

As a children's musical instrument, this keyboard is not only educational but also a great way to keep your child engaged and entertained. It can be used as a tool for learning various songs or simply as a way to have fun and create their own music.

With its 61 keys, the keyboard is designed to resemble an electronic organ, providing your child with a realistic and immersive musical experience. It also comes with a wide range of tones, rhythms, and musical effects to make every performance unique and exciting.

Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas gift, the 61 Keys Digital Music Electronic Keyboard is sure to bring joy and laughter to any child. Its high-quality construction and durable materials ensure that it will last for years of musical enjoyment.

Manufactured by ADDFOO, a trusted brand in the industry, this keyboard is built to meet the highest quality standards. Its model number is Electronic keyboard, making it easy to identify and purchase.

Product Detail

Plug Type EU/US Plug
Use 1 Multifunctional toy piano
Size 54.5x17.5x5.5cm
Suitable for age 2-6 years old
Feature Kid birthday present
Name 61-key keyboard
Function music intelligence toy
Type 2 electronic organ
Type 1 Children musical instrument
Use 2 Christmas gifts
Brand Name ADDFOO
Model Number Electronic keyboard

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