PAM8403 5V Power Audio Amplifier Board - 2 Channel, 3W, with Volume Control and USB Power


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PAM8403 5V Power Audio Amplifier Board - 2 Channel, 3W, with Volume Control and USB Power

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The PAM8403 5V Power Audio Amplifier Board is a high-quality audio amplifier designed to provide excellent audio amplification for various devices. With its 2-channel output and 3W power capability, this amplifier board ensures clear and powerful sound.

Manufactured by UMProb, a reputable brand known for producing reliable electronic components, this amplifier board is brand new and in excellent condition. It is a voltage regulator type with a package size of SMD, making it compact and easy to integrate into different systems.

The PAM8403 amplifier board efficiently dissipates power at 2 * 3W, allowing it to handle audio amplification without overheating. Its model number is PAM8403, and it is specifically designed for use with MP3/MP4 players. This makes it an ideal choice for enhancing the audio performance of these portable media devices.

Operating within a temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees Celsius, this amplifier board is suitable for use in various environments. Whether it's in a hot outdoor setting or a temperature-controlled indoor space, the PAM8403 maintains its performance and reliability.

With a supply voltage of 5V, this amplifier board operates efficiently and can be powered via USB. This convenience allows for easy integration into various devices, as many devices already have a 5V power source or USB port available.

As an added benefit, the PAM8403 amplifier board is customizable. This allows for potential modifications or adaptability according to specific needs or applications. Users can tailor the amplifier's performance to suit their requirements, making it a versatile and flexible choice.

In summary, the PAM8403 5V Power Audio Amplifier Board by UMProb is a high-quality audio amplifier offering excellent performance, customization options, and a compact design. Its ability to deliver powerful sound, coupled with its wide operating temperature range and compatibility with MP3/MP4 players, makes it an ideal choice for enhancing audio experiences.

Product Detail

Brand Name UMProb
Condition New
Type Voltage Regulator
Package SMD
Dissipation Power 2* 3W
Model Number PAM8403
Application MP3/MP4 Player
Operating Temperature -40 to +85C
Supply Voltage 5V
is customized Yes

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