World Is Yours Neon Sign - Handcrafted Real Glass Tube Vintage Neon Light for Home Decoration

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World Is Yours Neon Sign - Handcrafted Real Glass Tube Vintage Neon Light for Home Decoration

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This Neon Sign the World Is Yours is a handcrafted vintage neon light that adds a unique and vibrant touch to any room or home. Made with real glass tubes, this neon sign features a vintage design that is reminiscent of classic signboards.

The neon bulbs used in this sign have an average life of over 3 years, ensuring long-lasting and reliable performance. With LVD certification and a base type of MR8, this neon sign is engineered to meet high-quality standards.

With a luminous flux that creates a super bright display, this neon lamp is perfect for adding a visually appealing element to any space. The neon light emits a color temperature of over 7000K, providing a vibrant and eye-catching glow.

The 2019 New neon light G006 lamps model number ensures that you are getting the latest and most updated design. It operates on a voltage range of 110-240V, making it suitable for various electrical systems.

The neon sign is available in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, purple, white, pink, and more. This allows you to choose the color that best fits your aesthetic preferences and matches your existing decor.

With a custom logo option available, you can have a personalized neon sign with your own design. Simply provide the logo after payment, and our team will create a unique and customized neon sign for you.

Constructed with real glass tubes, metal frame, plastic, and other high-quality materials, this neon sign is built to last. The package includes a chain for easy hanging on a window, making it a perfect addition to any room or establishment.

The neon sign is powered by a corded-electric power source and has a push button switch style. This makes it easy to turn on and off, allowing you to control the ambiance and lighting in your space.

With wattage ranging from 20-80 watts, this neon sign is suitable for both personal and commercial use. Whether you're looking to add a unique touch to your home or enhance the decor of your restaurant or bar, this neon sign is the perfect choice.

Assembled with a height of about 9-15 cm, this neon light sign is compact and easy to place in any location. The package includes one neon light sign, surrounded by sponge for added protection during shipping.

In summary, the Neon Sign the World Is Yours is a vintage handcrafted neon light that adds a vibrant and unique touch to any space. With its long lifespan, stunning color temperature, and customizable design options, this neon sign is a perfect choice for those looking to create a visually appealing atmosphere.

Product Detail

Item Type Neon Bulbs
Application Engineering
Certification LVD
Base Type MR8
Average Life (hrs) Above 3 years Neon Bulbs
Warranty Full 1 Year Warranty
Luminous Flux neon bulb sign handcrafted neon lights
Features Art neon lamp super bright display
Color Temperature >7000K
Beam Angle(°) Beer Bar Pub neon sign
Model Number 2019 New neon light G006 lamps
Voltage 110-240V
Color Temp(K) 5000K
Brand Name Gamystye
Custom logo neon signs free design after payment
Neon signs material Real Glass tubes, Metal frame,plastic,etc
Neon signs colors red,yellow,blue,green,purple,white,pink etc
Neon signs Suitable for 110v-240v With a chain inside the package, perfect for hanging on the window
Neon signs Power Source corded-electric
Neon signs Switch Style Push button Decorated Restaurant
Neon signs Wattage 20-80 watts neon beer signs Personalized
Neon signs Assembled Height About 9-15 cm characteristic Neon Light Signs
Neon signs Package include One Neon light Sign(as our picture showing)surrounded with sponge
Neon bulb sign craft hand blend glass tubes on high temperature art made

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