12x Pinned Scroll Saw Blades - Woodworking Power Tools Accessories - 127mm Length


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12x Pinned Scroll Saw Blades - Woodworking Power Tools Accessories - 127mm Length

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The 12x Pinned Scroll Saw Blades are an essential accessory for any woodworking enthusiast or professional. With a length of 127mm, these blades are designed to provide precise and clean cuts in various materials, including wood.

Made by FNICEL, a renowned brand in the industry, these scroll saw blades are built to last. They are CE certified, ensuring that they meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Originating from China, these scroll saw blades offer excellent performance and reliability. Their customized design allows them to fit perfectly with your power tools, guaranteeing optimal results.

The blades feature a nitride finishing, enhancing their durability and cutting efficiency. This ensures that they can withstand the demands of heavy-duty tasks and provide smooth and accurate cuts every time.

This package includes a set of 12 pinned scroll saw blades. With a range of 11-20 pieces, you'll always have plenty of blades on hand to tackle any woodworking project. The blades are specifically designed for jig saws, which further enhances their versatility.

The scroll saw blades are crafted with high-speed steel (HSS), a material renowned for its strength and resilience. This guarantees that they will maintain their sharpness and performance even after prolonged use.

In summary, the 12x Pinned Scroll Saw Blades by FNICEL are an excellent addition to any woodworker's toolbox. Their exceptional quality, customized design, and durable construction make them the perfect choice for all your woodworking projects. With these blades, you can achieve precise, clean, and professional results every time.

Product Detail

Brand Name FNICEL
Certification CE
Origin CN(Origin)
Size 127mm
Model Number Jig Saw Blades
is customized Yes
Finishing Nitride
Number of Pcs 11-20 Pcs
Blade Type Jig Saw Blades
Blade Material HSS

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