Smooth Writing Pilot P500 Gel Pen 0.5mm Extra Fine Point Rolling Ball Student Stationery - Perfect for Exams!


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Smooth Writing Pilot P500 Gel Pen 0.5mm Extra Fine Point Rolling Ball Student Stationery - Perfect for Exams!

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Looking for a pen that's perfect for exam-taking or for use in school and the office? Look no further than the Pilot P500 Gel Pen. This high-quality gel pen boasts a 0.5mm rolling ball that produces an extra-fine point, making it ideal for detailed and precise writing tasks.

Constructed from durable plastic, this pen is designed to withstand regular use and is tough enough to endure the rigors of a school or office setting. It features gel ink that offers a smooth and consistent writing experience, while also being fade-resistant.

The BL-P50 model number indicates that this pen is part of Pilot's line of high-quality gel pens that are designed to meet the needs of students and professionals alike. The pen's needle tip is made from metal, which ensures that it's tough enough to withstand the pressures of continuous use.

The Pilot P500 Gel Pen is also designed with user comfort in mind. Its plastic grip measures 8mm in diameter, providing a comfortable grip even during extended writing sessions. At 135mm in length, this pen is easy to handle and control, making it the ideal writing instrument for both students and professionals.

Whether you're taking notes in class, jotting down ideas for your next business meeting, or simply need a reliable pen for everyday use, the Pilot P500 Gel Pen is an excellent choice. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the smooth and precise writing experience that only a high-quality gel pen can provide!

Product Detail

Type Gel Pen
Model Number BL-P50
Use Office & School Pen
Writing Point 0.5mm
Erasable Or Not No
Material Plastic
Gel Pen's Ink Type Gel-Ink
Gel Pen's Ink Feature Normal
Manufacturer Pilot
Tip Material Metal
Tip Type Needle Tip
Ink Composition Pigment-Based, Water-Based
Ink Characteristics Fade-Resistant
Length 135mm
Grip Material Plastic
Diameter Grip 8mm
Refillable No

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