2 Types of AR-10/LR-308 Barrel Nut: 7075 Aluminum Barrel Nut with 16 TPI and 18 TPI


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2 Types of AR-10/LR-308 Barrel Nut: 7075 Aluminum Barrel Nut with 16 TPI and 18 TPI

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The Trirock .308 Barrel Nut is a versatile accessory designed specifically for the AR-10/LR-308 platform. This product features two variations of barrel nuts, allowing you to choose between 16 TPI and 18 TPI threading options.

Constructed with high-quality 7075 aluminum, these barrel nuts offer durability and strength while keeping the overall weight of your rifle low. This allows for enhanced maneuverability and extended shooting sessions without excessive fatigue.

The .308 Barrel Nut by Trirock is designed to securely fasten your barrel to the receiver, ensuring a reliable and consistent shooting experience. Its precision-engineered threading guarantees a snug fit, reducing the potential for play or movement between parts.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, this barrel nut delivers exceptional performance. Its stability enhances accuracy by minimizing vibrations and promoting consistent bullet trajectory.

Compatible with various optic attachments, the Trirock .308 Barrel Nut allows for easy installation of red dot sights and other sighting systems. This functionality makes it a valuable addition to your rifle, enhancing its versatility and adaptability to different shooting scenarios.

As part of Trirock's commitment to quality, this product is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and adheres to strict industry standards. The brand name, "Trirock," is renowned for its reliability and performance in the firearms community.

In conclusion, the Trirock .308 Barrel Nut offers two threading options and exceptional durability with its 7075 aluminum construction. It ensures a secure and stable connection between your barrel and receiver, resulting in improved accuracy and ease of installation for various optics. If you're looking to optimize your AR-10/LR-308 rifle, this barrel nut is the perfect choice.

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Brand Name Trirock
Model Number .308 Barrel Nut
Function Red Dot

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